"He who receives an idea from me receives it without lessening me, as he who lights his candle at mine receives light without darkening me." - Thomas Jefferson

New Releases

By root - Published: June 7, 2008

I wrote some code a few months ago that had to deal with PDF files. It was a class for generating FDF and xFDF(XML) for PDF files. It is used to auto populate PDF files with data from somewhere. (Database)

Where I wrote it we were using the code to populate goverment forms and medical insurance forms. The PDF would have already been created with Acrobat Writer. We would then use data from their database to auto populate the form with their clients data and it made the paperwork go much faster.

I joined a local php user group out here a month or so ago. I was talking with them this week about stuff and I might port the code over to php and release it here.

New Layout

By root - Published: June 7, 2008

Some recent events over the weekend have caused me to make some changes to the site.

I hope once I am done converting the rest of the site over that it will have better performance and uptime.

I choose this design with the island because sometimes being a developer feels like being on an island.

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